Dual-mode Bluetooth/ USB Multi-pairing Foldable Keyboard


Dual mode Bluetooth/ USB foldable KEYBOARD

Dual-mode wireless Bluetooth/ USB Foldable keyboard is specially designed for portable MIDs such as smartphone and tablet PCs. Its standard key size, key pitch, low profile design helps reduce the tiredness. It can also be used as an USB Keyboard if environment is not allowed to use wireless or keyboard at low power status. Thanks to its multi-link switchable support, it can use tablet PC, smart phone or other smart devices in between. The big capacity of embedded 200mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery supports longer working hours.


  • 65 keys (US/EU)
  • Low profile, standard key size and key pitch design
  • Scissor-type key switch mechanism makes good touch feeling
  • Dual mode, wireless Bluetooth/ USB connection
  • Multi-link switchable support, 4 different Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology/ USB 1.1
  • High capacity of Li-ion rechargeable battery, 200mAh
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS X, 10.5 or higher, iOS and Windows 7 or higher


Key Numbers 65 keys (ANSI keyboard layout)
Tx Technology/ USB Bluetooth wireless technology, V. 3.0; USB 1.1 ver.
No. of Host Register Register up to 4 different Bluetooth enabled devices
Antenna/ Antenna Gain PCB antenna/ 0 dBi (Typ)
Frequency/ Channels 2.402Ghz ~ 2.480Ghz/ 79 channels
Modulation GFSK (differntial phase shift keying)
Operating Range Up to 5M (open field)
Key Switch Scissor-type switch with rubber dome
LED Indicator 1 LED indicates pairing (blinking), Connection, CapLock, and low battery
Function Keys for Mac OS Brightness – (Fn+X), Brightness+ (Fn+C), Expose (Fn+V), Dashboard (Fn+B), Lock (Fn+N), Eject (Fn+M)
Function Keys for iOS Home (Fn+CapsLock), App list (Fn+A), Search (Fn+S), Keyboard (Fn+D), Language for iPad (Fn+F), Lock (Fn+G), PrintScreen (Fn+H), Siris (Fn+J), Cut (Fn+K), Copy (Fn+L), Past (Fn+:), Block (Fn+ ” or  Enter)
Switch/ Button/ Port 1 x power switch, 1 x pairing button, 1 x Micro USB port for charging & USB
Power Source 200mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery embedded
Physical Size / Weight 301.8 (L) x 102.51 (W) x 6 (H) open; 180g (N. W.)
Compatibility Compatible with Windows XP or later, Mac OS 10.5.8 or later version, iOS, other MID with Android OS
Accessories 1 x Micro USB cable, user's manual